About Me

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Who I Am

I am an aspiring designer and advertising account manager from Julian, North Carolina. I am in my senior year and excited to earn my degree in advertising from UNC’s School of Media and Journalism. I’m learning new account management skills as a student leader in Heelprint, UNC’s premier student-run ad agency even as you read this! I spent three years in undergrad working as an RA creating programs, bulletin boards, and relationships with residents. I love to create and, more importantly, to talk with other creatives and gain new appreciation for different ways of looking at our work.

What I Want to Do

I want to continue to learn about design from experienced professionals while exercising my leadership skills and client-centric vision. I want to continue to lead teams and follow through on my promise of empathy and total client satisfaction for every project.


My resume is available here or on LinkedIn. My extended resume is here.